Simplfy maintenance processes with ALTANET

Our Success Story: Brown Service

Our customer

operates in the plant engineering sector, in the Apulian territory, connected to new TLC technologies such as optical fiber and 5G, boasting proven experience in this field based on highly qualified and certified personnel.

Brown Service as a subcontractor of the national telephone network operator, receives via mail the daily list of plant installation and maintainance. Then, our customer needed to manage all the request with its technicians in a simple and fast manner and asked for a solution to improve the management of their tasks (interventions) through:

  • the automatic assignment of the intervention to the operator
  • ticket monitoring and management of a history of interventions
  • real-time monitoring of ticket processing status and intervention parameters (work order form)
  • real-time monitoring of the trends of the interventions managed
  • storage of data on a database for subsequent analysis

The solution applied

Altanet,  Brown Service’s technological partner, has developed the solution by implementing the Asset Management Software Infor EAM.

Infor EAM is an entreprise asset management software that promotes the digitalization and optimization of maintenace operations in order to reach greater levels of efficiency.

Infor EAM is a scalable and flexible platform with open architecture, completely web oriented, compatible with all operating systems and ready for native communication with the most modern databases. Furthermore it is able to adapt in any organization.

Altanet Infor Channel partner

Altanet by exploiting communication protocols, integrated Brown Service’s corporate mailbox with Infor EAM.
Infor has been implemented in order to read the list of tasks and interventions received via email and convert them into Work Orders. During the processing phase, the system monitors, collects, associates the intervention information with those already available in the system and stores them in a database.

The interventions on Infor EAM platform are managed and assigned to technicians and are automatically displayed and shared with the operator who has to perform them.

Hence, the association between intervention data and the one acquired on the company’s mailbox, transforms the data into valuable information, easily available and comparable. 

All the archived data are processed by a Business Intelligence System dedicated to performance analysis for:

  • Obtain the traceability of the service
  • Improve the quality of the service
  • Obtain KPIs of interventions
  • Identify interventions to improve efficiency in the working process

Next step

A few months after the implementation of of the system, the customer decided to expand the project by implementing:

  • new integration features
  • geo-location of devices connected to the INFOR EAM platform
  • management of company leaves and holidays
  • predictive maintenance functionality

Concrete benefits

This solution constitutes the first phase of a company digitalization project, looking forward to the creation of a real Smart Company.

The customer was immediatly able to benefit from the system, due to the improvement of the control of the inteverventions and the quality of the service on account of the monitoring of fleets and personnel and the archiving of data in an integrated form.

The above mentioned solution allows to optimize the management of interventions and it helps in saving time to access the related data thanks to the integration of the company mailbox within the INFOR EAM system.

The collected data are transformed into valuabe information.

Moreover, thanks to the remote access functions, all the data related to technical and managerial tasks are easily available. The features of this system can help in reducing intervention time and make more effective and targeted strategic decisions.


The results achieved:

  • Integration between the INFOR EAM platform and the company mailbox

  • Automatic assignment of the intervention displayed directly on the technician’s tablet

  • Real-time access to intervention data

  • Greater management of times linked to inefficiencies of interventions

  • Strategic and targeted decisions

  • Speed up the billing process for interventions

  • Traceability of intervention information