Infor CPQ is the product configurator for managing orders and quotes for complex products.

It is the ideal tool for manufacturing companies that need a flexible, powerful and easy to use configurator and integrated with ERP applications already in use.

Infor CPQ allows you to:

  • Create various configuration models based on features, options, constraints;
  • Publish the created templates;
  • Manage output through drawings and documents;
  • Calculate the prices of variants.

Infor CPQ provides configuration capabilities, ensuring synchronization between the ERP system in terms of features, options, distinctions and cycles.
You will then be able to manage any customizable product or service, as the solution allows you to have access to complete product information and specifications, publish this information, define pricing and generate a range of configuration output.

The most difficult challenges for companies are:

  • Sales Reduction : Difficult to Sell Products – Slow Product Introduction:
  • Increasing Costs: Order Errors – Rework and Discards -Manual Tasks;
  • Marketing the brand: Collaboration difficulties – Long delivery times.

Infor CPQ guarantees:

  • Automated Design: Easy Configuration of Complex Products;
  • Creating a Multi-channel Sales Quotes and Orders Portal;
  • Product configurator: Customized proposals;
  • Document Management Images, Drawings and Dynamic Models;
  • Accessibility without space or time limits.

Easily integrated with any management system, Infor CPQ is the complete configurator, which integrates web, erp, crm and cad, ideal for manufacturing companies and consists of the following modules:

Infor Product Configuration: flexibly manages configured and un-configured products and services, with capillary integration and centralized management;
Infor Sales Portal: allows external or internal vendors to use a portal to collect orders of products configured and not;
Infor 2D/3D Design Automation: produces 2D/3D graphics and models and outputs for CAD solutions directly from the configurator dynamically;
Infor Document Automation: generate business documents in Microsoft Office Word automatically based on configuration choices made.

The main advantages of Infor CPQ

Accelerate key processes: order placement, quotes, price list definition, catalogue publication.

Increase sales, making the necessary information easily available to commercial, customer service manager, distributors.

Contain costs and reduce the need for product expert support in business activities.

Eliminate errors regarding product specifications or prices.

Accelerate the introduction of new products.

Optimize production and increase the level of quality by providing clear product configuration information to production.