Altanet provides software solutions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which is linked to the concept of loyalty of the customers.

The CRM operates in four different fields:

  • acquisition of new customers (or prospects);
  • developing the network and interactions with the hot leads;
  • fidelization of customers;
  • turning the actual customeners into “promoters” willing to promote products/services to their network.

In detail, the CRM software allows to manage:

  • The names and contacts of existing customers and potential customers;
  • The corporate sales force;
  • Marketing campaigns, including those via e-mail via a specific form;
  • The support tickets and the il knowledge and know-how of the company;
  • Customer registration of ordinary activities, works, appointments, documentation, etc;
  • Corporate projects and working groups.

The software flexibility allows you to easily customize the graphical interface, label texts, add fields and much more. In addition, you can also evaluate other types of customization more in-depth, such as the structuring of new modules.

We provide SugarCRM and Infor CRM solutions, too.