Altanet provides the activation of dedicated servers.

They are customizable for ram, cpu, hard disk during installation.

A dedicated server for those who require very high processing power performance, storage operations and everything that would otherwise be impossible or limited to do with an ordinary computer; the dedicated server will be dedicated to the needs of a single user thus allowing a peak of performance otherwise impossible with any other shared server.

Dedicated servers are physically hosted web farms, that is a complex of rooms under complete electronic control and supervised by highly specialized maintenance staff;

The checks carried out on these aim to ensure maximum safety of the machine as regards intrusions, possible sudden changes in the electrical network, humidity and temperature control and all conditions that contribute to creating an environment that allows the machine to function perfectly;

in addition, the servers are monitored by the assistance staff who check their status and will take care of reporting to the customer any hardware problems encountered and subsequently their resolution;

the server can therefore be managed either completely remotely or by asking staff for assistance through a “trouble ticketing” system or a telephone number dedicated exclusively to this service.