The goal of DIADOM is to create a health station (equipped chair), with a home “look & feel” capable of acting as a technological hub between the patient and the assistance center. DIADOM intends to improve the quality of life of patients, who would no longer be forced to constantly travel to dialysis centers, thus producing significant savings in health care costs.

Furthermore, with the DIADOM armchair we intend to encourage the empowerment of patients on home dialysis, make home services safer, guarantee tailor-made quality, in order to think and deliver, with specialized nursing support, a highly personalized home care service. built around the needs of each patient, and ensure a telemedicine structure in the Apulian territory with a regional reference center (“HUB”) integrated electronically with the AOU Consortium Policlinico di Bari.

DIADOM functions allow to:

– Guide the patient, step by step, during the dialysis phases;

– Collect clinical data from various health devices (devices);

– Organize the measured parameters in a patient’s daily diary;

– Transmit the data recorded during dialysis sessions and contained in a computerized medical record, to a hospital station, to be analyzed and evaluated daily by the health team where the chronic uremic patient is in charge;

– Allowing the patient to be remotely guided in more complex or emergency operations thanks to home telemonitoring in real-time mode;

– Hospital health workers will receive feedback on the clinical results of home dialysis sessions and will assess the patient’s empowerment.