Automatic system for the detection and classification of defects of the stained glass slabs. It aims to create a prototype platform, consisting of hardware and software components capable of controlling, monitoring and managing the quality in the production of frosted glass.

DIVESA  has to be an easily accesible product, simple to use and economic since it is made up of low cost components.

DIVESA will be made up with the following components:

  • multiple cameras to acquire the image of the plates to be examinated. Those cameras will be equipped with appropriate lenses and ita number and characteristics will be determined during the research and design phase;
  • an inconsistent lighting system;
  • a system of sensors to track the position of each camera-glass plate;
  • a hardware system dedicated to image acquisition and processing;
  • a structure that will constitute the support both for glass plate and acquisition devices, it will be equipped for devices and mechanisms for handling;
  • software platform dedicated to the acquisition of images, their processing and data storage that will be managed by an application that in addition to the statical analysis will allow to share the data, in the appropriate format. This would help the sales office to efficiently manage supplies.

DIVESA will perform the surface type analysis, performed through the illumination with non-coherent light beams, the defects will be detected through the processing of the image of the glass which, thanks to the refracted and reflected light, will form a image acquired by a specific hardware and software system. The system, easily updatable, will be prepared for its integration both with wider industrial process control systems and company management systems.