Thanks to Microsoft Exchange the user can be really operational wherever he is. At any time you can access your box and organize your business, via web, handheld, Blackberry ®. You can also share real-time calendar, contacts and documents with your colleagues, improving the efficiency of your company thanks to a true suite of collaboration tools.

Microsoft Exchange is easy, intuitive. The box can be configured in minutes on any device. The interface is always the same, both via web (OWA) and via client (Outlook): the latter in particular, even more powerful and simple to use!

Boost your emails with the professional system mostly used by large companies. Mailbox Exchange is the ideal solution for companies with 3 or more employees who want to communicate and collaborate more efficiently without needing a LAN.

1. Maximum freedom of movement
Mailbox Exchange turns the virtual office concept into reality. It allows you to manage your emails wherever you are via client, web and mobile. Your mail will always be available exactly as you set it, and is divided into the various folders always aligned. Wherever you work, you will find all the mail like you are always in your office.

2. Get the most out of your job
With the Exchange Mailboxes, you can share your documents, address book and calendar in real time with your colleagues for a better organization of your work and save valuable time.

3. Choose the simplicity
With Mailbox Exchange you can configure your business mail management system in a short time and at a reduced cost. The management interface of Mailbox Exchange is one of Outlook, simple to use and manage.

4. Maximum Security
With Mailbox Exchange, your mail is stored on the Exchange server, protected by powerful antivirus, and not on your PC. So you do not have to worry about getting too heavy and virus infected attachments anymore, at least until you open them. Also if your mail client gets corrupted or your computer needs to be formatted, you will not have to make any copies of your mail saving valuable time.

5. Reduce your expenses!
With the Mailbox Exchange solution, you benefit from the advantages that only a ASP solution offers you: no fixed cost or set up fee, no significant business investment. In addition, in a few hours your service will be active, while solutions of this type, purchased in proprietary mode and not ASP, cost thousands of euros and require major investment in hardware and know-how.