Electronic Biomedical Systems

EBIS is a research and development project conceived by Altanet, applied in the field of APA gyms (Adapted Physical Activity) for the detection and analysis of biomedical data. EBIS consists of an innovative technological platform that allows to make SMART the health sector.

Altanet offers its expertise to provide technological solutions that make the monitoring process of patients easier and more immediate.   Constant monitoring certainly plays a pivotal role in the prevention and diagnosis of most diseases.

EBIS offers concrete support in the APA (Adapted Physical Activity) gyms where monitoring of patient data plays a fundamental role.

EBIS and APA gyms

SMART Health – APA gyms

Real-time detection of biomedical data is able to provide numerous benefits especially in the field of APA (Adapted Physical Activity) gyms. Furthermore, this technology allows you to receive and manage a set of data from a set of grouped ASSETS (such as a smartwatch), as in the case of “health gyms”.

Link to the EBIS platform

Through the EBIS platform, the instructor or the doctor can access the patient’s data, assign specific exercises and monitor the recorded data (heart rate, miles traveled, breaths per minute, oxygenation of blood etc…).

Through the analysis of the recorded data it is possible to follow the patient during all the phases of the training and, generating a historical of data, it is possible to ascertain or not of the improvements of his state of health.

For further information visit: https://ebis.it

Features of EBIS platform

Assigning devices to patients for data monitoring

Through the platform it is possible to assign specific devices (smartwatch or smartband) to the patient inorder to monitor his activity during the training. The data will be communicated in real time to the platform and will be accessible by the doctor who can also follow the training remotely.

rilevazione dati - EBIS - Electronic biomedical systems\

Training plans


Choose the devices to assign to patients


Assign excercises to patients

Assignment of specific training plans to patients

After assigning the device to a specific patient, you can draw up training plans and assign them.