The MIOGERIA project “Open Hardware Meters for the Management of Self-produced Renewable Energy” (“Misuratori Open hardware per la Gestione delle Energie Rinnovabili Autoprodotte”) aims to develop a “completely open” measurement system embracing the open-software / open-hardware philosophy. It stands for the creation of an open and high-performance hardware able to operate in both single-phase and three-phase systems with high accuracy and reliability characteristics.

On the basic hardware platform it will be possible to develop support software with a user-friendly and open source user interface, so that the technical staff can access all the configuration parameters and mathematical relationships that are the basis of their estimation. Moreover the technical staff can implement all the measurement functions such as adapting the algorithms to regulatory updates and constantly evolving quality indices. Furthermore it is worth mentioning the redefinition of the power supply given by the third edition of the CEI EN 50160 standard compared to the previous edition of 2000.

The same concept can be applied to all the hardware components that contribute to the creation of a generation system from renewable sources (for example inverters, transformers, etc.).

This approach ensures detailed and in-depth knowledge of all the parameters of your plant which allows the operator to optimize the online production, without creating disruptions and interruptions in production. Furthermore, with these systems, it is possible to extensively test both hardware and software and/or their updates in the simulation phase before their actual entry into service in order to evaluate various scenarios at negligible costs.