Research and Development activities play a pivotal role in Altanet in order to guarantee products and services as follow:

2006: DIVESA Project   ( PON 2000 – 2006)  in the field of Artificial Vision applied to Industrial processes. For further information: 

2008: Miogeria Project  ( POR Puglia 2007-2013 Bando Ricerca ) research and development of an appliance dedicated to remote monitoring of the quality of energy produced by RES plants. For further information: 

2012: Lean Software Process Project ( POR Puglia 2007-2013 Partenariato )  Optimization of the software development processes.

2013: OPEN B.I. Project  (POR Puglia 2007-2013 Living Labs) Digitalization and usage of ancient book heritage.

2013: GCESyS Project (Green Community Efficiency Systems)   Project dedicated to the energy efficiency of urbanized areas.

2016: DIADOM e-health project dedicated to the remote management of home dialysis.

2021: EBIS (Electronic BIomedical Systems) e-health project dedicated to the collection of biomedical data analysis