The SMTP is the outgoing mail server needed to send emails. This service is generally provided by the Internet access provider (asdl) but, recently many providers have limited or even deactivated this service.

By purchasing the authenticated SMTP service you will also use our servers for outgoing mail and you can send freely. As a matter of fact, the service will always remain active, even if you change providers or access modes to the Network. 

Advantages in using authenticated SMTP:

  • Faster sorting of outgoing emails;
  • Single SMTP: changing ADSL provider or Internet access mode (public wi-fi, airport, etc.) you no longer need to change the settings of the outgoing mail program;
  • Block and report emails sent if virus and spam present;
  • Effectiveness extended to all mails in the domain: once activated the SMTP can be used by all email boxes associated with the domain.