Altanet provides Public Administrations with the web service of “Albo Pretorio” and the software for the generation of XML datasets for AVCP:

Albo pretorio
Since 2011 January 1st, the obligation for Italian Public Administrations to acquire the On-line Register has been in force. This provision is contained in Article 32 of Law 69/2009.

The proposed solution : the customization of the existing website or the creation of a mini site for the publication of documents in a web system for the management of the judicial register. The customisable solution for each PM is easily usable by every person involved in the activity.

Software for generating XML datasets for AVCP
The generation of the xml dataset to be published on the websites of public administrations is required for each PM by the AVCP pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 32 Law n.190/2012.

Currently available features are:

  • Insert tenders from form;
  • Insertion firm from form;
  • Import list of invitations to tender from CSV;
  • import companies list from csv;
  • Awarding participants and successful bidders;
  • Summary list of tenders entered with anomaly reporting;
  • Generation of XML datasets divided by year;
  • Validation of XML datasets before transmission.

The proposed solution : installation, customization, training, updating and maintenance on dedicated hosting space of the platform.